Tips for a Great E-commerce Site

Tips to get a great E-commerce site

There are a whole host of things to consider when creating an ecommerce, online shopping site, here are some vital things to consider.

1)      Security.  This is the single most important aspect of your e-commerce site. You must protect your customers’ sensitive data like banking details and credit card information and make certain that all shopping transactions (purchases and refunds) and completed using SSL (secure socket layer) encryption.  This protection and SSL certificate can be obtained through your webhosting company or from an outside source.

2)      Privacy Policy.  Your privacy policy should outline what details you collect and store (names, address, email addresses) and what details you collect, but don’t store (such as credit card details, IP addresses, bank details etc).  You should detail whether or not you intend to sell this information to other companies.

3)      Shopping cart.  Make sure you don’t make the checkout procedure on your site to lengthy and protracted.  If you ask for too many details prior to completing the payment your customers will get bored and not complete the purchase.  Keep it short!

4)      Design. You need easy navigation and good photos or descriptions of your products so that buyers can understand exactly what they can expect.

5)      Marketing.  You need to get traffic (visitors) to your website so that a proportion of them will then want to buy your products or services.  This requires a high visibility on the internet, either through great search engine optimisation (SEO), or a lot of internet advertising.

Take all this into account and you could end up with a successful internet business.  To make sure you set it all up correctly contact your local Hertfordshire web designer.  We have a lot of expertise in setting up e-commerce websites.