Web Design or Web Development – Hertfordshire

Is there a difference between Web Development and Web Design?

When people discuss websites they often talk of “web design” and “web development” and it is difficult to differentiate between the two terms.

However they are two different things.  One way to decide what they both mean is if you remove the word “web” leaving design or development and then the meanings become clearer.  Design concentrates primarily on the visual impact and ease of use for the audience.

Development focuses on the actual code of getting the website to look how it is supposed to look (has been designed to look).  It also sets the technology behind how the website works and how it interacts with other systems.

Good website development needs to start with very good planning.  Be very aware of what you need your website to do, what its targets are, what information it needs to access and pass on to customers.  Try to think big, past the initial requirements, but also what it might grow into.  In this way you can be ready to make changes at a later date rather than having to completely renovate it when you need to update it.

We can ensure that your website development ideas are incorporated into the web design packages we offer and with a great e-commerce site and our expert SEO techniques you can make your visions a reality!